Prices & Ordering

My harps are made entirely by hand, so each instrument will have subtle differences. I prefer to make a harp at my own pace and then offer it for sale. That way a prospective buyer can examine it and try it out, without any commitment.

EALA Irish Harp price

I will make harps to order, and I am always happy to discuss any personal preferences you may have, regarding wood selection.  I am currently using maple, cherry and walnut. Decoration in abalone shell is available at extra cost.

My soundboards are made from sitka spruce or yellow cedar and are designed for fluorocarbon strings.  Traditional musicians tell me they produce a brighter sound than nylon.  They stretch a lot at first, but after a few weeks they become quite stable, and are not as sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity as nylon.

The EALA comes fully levered with CAMAC levers.


The soundbox also needs time to adapt to the tension of the strings, and it is not unusual for a harp to take several months to develop it’s voice.

Delivery time would be approximately ten to twelve weeks from date of order.

The harps can be shipped worldwide at a cost of £100 for the custom made plywood crate and you will only pay whatever the shipping company charges. You may also arrange your own shipping if desired. 

I take no deposit and only ask for payment in full when the instrument is ready for collection or shipping..


EALA in maple, walnut or cherry, prices from £3500 – including cordura transport bag and matching tuning key.

EALA Irish Harp ordering