Celtic harps – Handcrafted in Ireland – Irish harpmaker

Mervyn Waugh Irish Harpmaker


Making stringed instruments has for many years now, been part of my life. Over the years I have made a few violins, violas and guitars, mainly for family and friends, however what started off as a hobby has fast become a passion, and I am now concentrating on harps.

There are no shortcuts to producing a quality harp. I have spent a lifetime honing my woodworking skills, on projects as diverse as carving rocking horses for my grandchildren and cabinet making.

Along the way I found time to build two aeroplanes from scratch, the first of which I spent many happy hours flying over the Co. Down countryside.

My harps are made from the best materials I can find, and I pride myself in producing a quality instrument, which will stand the test of time.

The wood for my soundboards is sourced from Canada. The cold northern climate produces sitka spruce with close straight grain, which is naturally seasoned over many years, to produce quality tonewood.

The EALA is strung in Savarez Alliance fluorocarbon strings, sometimes known as synthetic gut, or simply ‘carbon’. The bottom octave is strung in Savarez bass wires.

All my harps come fully levered with CAMAC levers.

A custom made cordura transport bag and tuning key complete the package, and are included in the price.

Every harp comes with a cordura transport bag.

The case is custom made for the EALA and has a strong, fully adjustable shoulder strap and button down handhold slot.

There is also a zipped pocket on the side. A full soft lining protects the finish on the harp.